The Safe House for vulnerable Women and Children is meant to provide safe shelter, intensive case management, counseling, court advocacy, referral services, education and Empowerment (Training).

The Safe House will provide safe shelter as a source of immediate help for victims of domestic violence and abuse.

In Kenya women are often denied many rights like education, ownership of family properties.

Some of the problems women and children go through include-:

    • Domestic Violence
    • Sexual abuse
    • Forced marriages
    • Female Genital Mutilation ( FGM)
    • Poverty
    • Health issues
    • Culture that uses women as tools and assets for misuse
    • Denial to access to education
    • When women are widowed, they are often denied access to their late husbands'properties which are inherited by the men's families. The widows are even chased away from their matrimonial; homes. 
    Our Mission
    • Provide safe refuge to those affected by domestic abuse and violence.
    • Provide training to women and girls
    • Provide safe place for children who have been abused through; defilement, rape, forced labor, human trafficking etc.
    • Provide support services to those affected by domestic abuse and violence.
    • Provide training and education to increase awareness of and prevention of domestic violence for the community we serve.
    • Advocate for social change and public policy that protect a women’s right
    • To create group feeling among women.
    • To enhance the confidence and capabilities of women.
    • To develop collective decision making among women.
    • To encourage a habit of saving among women and facilitate the accumulation of their own capital resource base.
    • To motivate women taking up social responsibilities particularly related to women development.
    • Sensitization camps - On Human Rights and Women Rights like Land Rights, Property Rights, Right to Equality etc.; On various Acts like Marriage Act, Domestic Violence Act , Minimum Wage Act, Labour Act etc: On various social issues like Child labour, Child marriages, Gender Discrimination,

    Training programmers will include:

  •  Tailoring & embroidery, fashion designing coursesCrafts and Beads

  • Textile designing

  • Detergent making

  • Farming – modern farming