Trinity Mission Dispensary, Gilgil 




Trinity Mission Dispensary is situated in Kikopey village, Gilgil Subcounty, Nakuru County.

The clinic is faith base sponsored by Trinity United Methodist Church.  The clinic serves a population of about 26,000 people. Many patients walk as far as 20 kilometres for the treatment.

Before the dispensary was started some children never had chance for immunization. Many women access to ANC and many delivered at home because the nearest hospital is over 20 kilometres. Due to poor roads and level of poverty parents never felt the need to take their children for immunization.  Currently the clinic offers the following services:

1.       Immunization

2.       Laboratory services

3.       Antenatal Clinic

4.       Consultation and General Treatment

5.       Maternity Services

6.       Child Welfare Clinic

7.       VCT

Common diseases include :-

1.       Diabetics

2.       Hypertention

3.       UTI

4.       STI

5.       Rheumatoid  Arthritis

6.       Amoebiasis

7.       Etc


Every week we immunize 40 children

About attend to 35 women for ANC per week

About 50 deliveries per month


1.       Work load due to few medical personnel’s

2.        lack of basic medical equipment’s

3.       High cost of drugs and medical supplies

4.       There is a great need for a portable Ultra Sound machine. The clinical officer and nurses  refers patients to the nearest public hospital which is over 20 miles away

5.       Need for a dental clinic.


Mission volunteers and Mission teams, Interns