17 | 12 | 2017

Christmas Shoe Project

We wish to donate 600 pairs of shoes this Christmas ( 2016 )

Jiggers: mites or sand fleas who suck blood which it uses to produce larvae and in the process digs deep in to the human flesh, causing itching and disfiguration of the toes or the limbs. You may have heard of them, perhaps your dog once had them, but a human infestation of jiggers in the US is rare.

Currently, 1.4 million Kenyans suffer from jiggers, with the highest prevalence rates found in Central, Nyanza, Western, Coast and Rift valley Provinces. According to a Kenyan Public Health Officer, Mr. Samuel Mwangi, the “the most at risk population cohorts are children under 10, the elderly, and the physically and mentally disabled persons in the affected areas, that is, approximately 10 million Kenyans.”

Mr. Mwangi blamed the jigger menace on poverty, poor housing and sanitation resulting in dusty floors and infrequent feet washing. If you have not been to Kenya, the roads are rough to say the least. After a day of running around the muddy and dirty roads barefoot, the likelihood of children picking up jiggers is high. "Jigger menace is causing disfiguring of feet which mostly affects the walking of victims in endemic areas," said Mwangi.

Christmas Shoe Project and donate  $ 25 to give a pair of shoes and socks to an orphan and  needy child




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