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Volunteers are encouraged to work with Trinity United Methodist Church projects and programs. This do not only gain valuable life experiences but also benefit the women, men , youths and children with their help, different ideas and cultures. We do not charge volunteers any fee.

We invite  Volunteers, Interns, Mission Teams, Churches,Tourists, Adventure Seekers, Organized Groups, Schools/Colleges etc
We give you opportunity to volunteer in -:

- Orphanage

- School                                                                                                

- Medical programs

- Women and Youth Programs         

- Vocational Bible School

- Talents Development

- Sports programs / Training

- Training children teachers ( Sunday school teachers/pastors training)

- Agriculture

- Construction

We organize for affordable accommodation to volunteers.

Our local tour agent organizes safaris to Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru and any other place of choice to our guests at discounted rates. For more details Click here

                                            Mission and Volunteers Guest House


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