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Trinity Mission Medical Clinic

Kikopey village is one of the most densely populated village in Nakuru Country.

Trinity Mission Dispensary provides free HIV testing and treatment and organizes support groups for those living with the disease, in addition to providing treatment for those with diseases like cholera, malaria, TB, and influenza. Outside the clinic, health clubs in schools focus on prevention and teach youth basic sexual health education. To increase prevention, Trinity Mission Dispensary is currently training 100 community health care workers to provide basic care and promote improved hygiene behaviors to 8000 homes.

An estimated 5-7% of Kikopey population suffers from HIV/AIDS and thousands die annually of preventable disease. The village is situated along the transnational road from Mombasa to neighboring countries like Uganda. Many truck drivers spend the night in the over 50 lodgings. This attracts tens of commercial sex workers. The village has over 300 commercial sex workers who are residence of Kikopey.

In 2007/8 after the post election violence most of the displaced persons (IDP’s) moved to this area. Currently there are three IDP’s camps. Trinity Mission Dispensary offers medical care to these families.

Every day the clinic attends to 25- 75 patient’s mainly women and children.

Trinity Mission Dispensary operates for 24 hours. The clinic is run by a nurses, lab technician, and a volunteer community social workers.

We offer the following services:-
- Maternity Services - Antenatal

- Antiretroviral - Curative outpatient services

- Family planning - Growth monitoring and promotion

- HIV Counseling and Testing - Home based care

- Immunization - Prevention of Mother to Child transmission HIV

- Tuberculoses diagnoses - Dental Services

- Pharmacy - Nutrition and Supplement

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